White stork reintroduction plans

A project to reintroduce white storks into the Sussex countryside has been planned for 2019!  Some captive birds are being held at Knepp Estate in West Sussex, and six birds are roaming free around the 1400ha farm. coque iphone 2019  The plan is to reintroduce about 40 storks each year over a number of years in a similar fashion to the reintroduction of cranes on the Somerset Levels. coque iphone 7  It is hoped that local people will put stork nesting platforms up on the roofs of houses so the birds can nest as they would in other European countries. coque iphone 2019 soldes  The long-term goals of the project are to establish a sustainable breeding population by 2030 with more than 50 pairs in total. coque iphone 2019  The storks will be expected to forage for a wide range of invertebrates, amphibians and small mammals. coque iphone pas cher  One of the last recorded breeding attempts in Britain was on St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. vente de coque iphone  About 20 storks are spotted in Britain each year but a reintroduction is needed to re-establish the population.