Three petitions to sign

Please sign these three petitions:

  • Ban driven grouse shooting by Gavin Gamble.  In favour of banning driven grouse shooting to stop illegal bird of prey persecutions and reduce flood risk.  Signatures:  34541
  • License driven grouse shooting by Ed Hutchings.  In favour of licensing grouse shooting to help stop raptor persecutions and end poor practice on moorlands.  Supported by the RSPB.  Signatures:  12210
  • Strengthen the 2004 Hunting Act by Robert Hownall.  In favour of strengthening the 2004 Hunting Act to stop illegal hare coursing and killings of foxes with hounds in hunts.  Signatures: 15948

Don’t sign:

  • Don’t ban driven grouse shooting by Jane Griggs.  In favour of not banning driven grouse shooting as it is ‘traditional’ and raptors are ‘out of balance with the eco-system and over-protected.’  Signatures:  15025