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For Christmas this year, I got a stoat along with a lesser blue-eared glossy starling and a flame minivet.  The stoat only had a bit of its summer coat left, with a bit on the back of its neck and tail. I’ve put it snarling next to my ocelot on my shelves and it looks as if it thinks it’s as scary as the fox-sized animal!  It came from the same person who did the azure-winged magpie.  It is new and has quite a small wooden base.  It’s nearly completely white, so it’s known as ermines instead of stoats.  It was probably either knocked down on a road, died naturally or died as a pet.  In the wild they will eat birds, eggs, berries, voles, rats, mice and even rabbits up to ten times their own weight!!!

Top: Stoat running winter plumage.

Above: Stoat chasing rabbit summer plumage.

stoat-about to-eat-bluetit