Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.25The smilodon was a large sabre-toothed cat, and some people know it better as the sabre-toothed cat or sabre-toothed tiger.

They had fangs nearly 25cm long and if they were shattered, the cats wouldn’t be able to hunt. ┬áScientists believe that these lion-sized beasts hunted in groups and they ate young mammoths, wild horses, ground sloths(a grizzly bear-sized animal that had long claws) and antelopes. To kill their prey, smilodons couldn’t bight into their prey like modern day cats but had to stalk, run up and pounce on their prey, and then slash its neck open with their massive 25cm long teeth.

They measured almost 3metres long and could be 250 kg in weight.

Top: smilodon pack attacking bison.