Siberian blue robin on Ronaldsay and other rarities

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 19.26.15 Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 19.27.42                                                        SIBERIAN BLUE ROBIN

On the 8th October 2017, a rare Siberian blue robin was seen on North Ronaldsay.  It was found by Tom Gale and Lewis Hooper.  It flew inside a building and they caught it for ringing purposes, not this bright blue chat to be caught.  They found it unbelievable that they’d found such a rarity.  They have only been seen in the British Isles three times, and one was last sighted on Shetland in October 2011.

                                                                   SCOPS OWL

From the 26th September to the 5th October 2017, a Eurasian scops owl was seen in Co Durham.  It was found by teacher Tom Middleton who was out birdwatching early morning, and when he followed a warbler (this later proved to be a chiffchaff) which led him to the tree where the immensely camouflaged owl was sitting.  These small owls have been seen in Britain 80 times and in Ireland 14, and one was first seen in Yorkshire in 1805.

                                                             EUROPEAN ROLLER

A beautifully coloured European roller was sighted around the Balnakell golf course area, Highland.  It was found on the 29th September and stayed till at least the 3rd October.