Owl + Kestrel ringing

Last week I had a brilliant morning ringing and checking in owl and Kestrel boxes with Chris, Eleanor and Ava. coque iphone pas cher Our first stop was to ring some Little Owls. coque iphone 2019 3 were in the box and luckily all the chicks were big enough to ring. coque iphone xs max Next were the Barn Owls in a garden. coqueiphone It was a very big brood of 6 chicks, but only 5 were ringed due to one being too small. The chicks were aged on weight which was interesting to see as the larger chicks of the brood were weighing what they should have weeks later! We then went to a location with 2 empty boxes and then to a box which had 4 Barn Owl chicks but all were to small to ring. coque iphone xr Fortunately, the next box had Kestrel chicks in. Apparently the pair using the box were always early nesting. coque iphone en ligne There were 5 chicks in the box and all were big enough to ring. soldes coque iphone pas cher This amount of chicks indicates a very good vole year and hopefully these nests will be successful.