Lightwood dragonflies and damselflies

Over the past week we have visited Lightwood twice to see dragonflies. coque iphone 8  We’ve seen amazing numbers of several different species and lots of damselflies as well. coque iphone 2019 pas cher  The most common dragonfly there is the southern hawker, and there were loads of males chasing each other round the ponds.  There were also quite a few common darters. coque iphone 2019  A ruddy darter was sighted there a few days ago but we didn’t see any. coque iphone soldes  The common darters have a yellow stripe on their legs and a ruddy darter has completely black legs. soldes coque iphone  A new species for me were black darters and we saw quite a few males around the pond but they don’t seem to be as frequent as the common darters. coque iphone xr  They are the only black UK dragonfly and the females are a bright yellow colour.


Common darter

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 19.09.38

Black darter

I saw a new species of damselfly as well which was the emerald. soldes coque iphone  The males have blue eyes and the females have brown eyes.  Other species of damselfly included common blue and blue-tailed.