Ingham’s World Friday 2nd October-Nuthacth needs help!

There seems to be lots of animals and bird species named after famous celebreties.   There’s an Amazonian tree frog that have batlike calls named after Ozzy Osbourne, a Charlie Chaplin fly and Psephophorus Terrypratchetti, an extinct turtle named after the disc world author.  There are fictional heroes too, like the soul sucking Dementors from Harry Potter that get a mention with Ampulex dement or, a wasp which can zomify and suck the life out of cockroaches.

Japan thinks they’re being very clever defying a global ban on whaling, but fortunately any people seen with whale meat will have to pay a very heavy price.

A dashing bird with a mascara mask and a dagger like bill needs your help this autumn, says John Ingham.  The nuthatch is turning to near record numbers in gardens says the BTO, reaching numbers of 13,000 spanning though out the country.