Ingham’s World Friday 18th September 2015-90 year old orca

Granny the killer whale is now at least 90 years old and has kept her family in check for at least 9 decades.  A new book says that orcas are not just the oceans top killers, but these massive black and white dolphins(orcas are the biggest dolphins in the world.  Some of the largest dolphins are called whales.) are also very clever too.  They have their own cultures and dialects, and, like dolphins, they have the ability to work as a team to hunt down their prey.  Orcas don’t seem to be that clever, writes David Neiwert, and only have around 40 different phrases, enough to say “food” and “I’m hear”.  But the clue to the orcas cleverness is the weird melon shaped dome on their heads.  This is called a melon, and it helps the orcas to use echolocation.

Swallows and dragonflies had better be careful, because this hobby ckick is on the road to recovory after being found on a conventry street.  Now growing fast at Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, he is getting ready for his migration to Africa.