Ingham’s World Friday 11th September-Reds squirrel has money!

Last month in August, John Ingham found a bedraggled young blue tit in his kitchen sink.  It just blinked at him when he lifted it up and clung on precariously with its claws and when he scattered some sunflower seed around, it realised it had better things to do than be his friend!

Carin Bondar’s new book, The nature of sex, explains that blue tits are among the least faithful of birds.  While albatrosses and swifts are models of long flight, 90 percent of blue tit broods have more than one father.  This reveals that they are more flirty!

Meerkats may look cute, females with no kits will kill any other young litters in the group.   Male tigers will kill their own young, and others that aren’t theirs.   Male chimps will even force themselves on females.

Male antelopes stop females from strayin from the area by imtitating the call of a lion and convinces them they are running int the jaws of one  and then mate with them.

For the 11th and 12th Augusts Moth Night, enthusiasts help to woo the convolvulus hawk moth which is one if the rare moth migrants streaming in.

Squirrel Nutkin yesterday got a 1.2 million pound lottery fund to help protect the UK’s red squirrels which have endured decades of being outnumbered and killed by the American greys.  It’s like a battle 20 to 1.