Ageing details I have learnt so far

These are the details about ageing and sexing birds that I have had in the hand so far during training to ring:

  1. Ageing blue tits: You can tell by the colour of the primary coverts and alula. coque iphone en ligne  In adults, the primary coverts and alula are bright blue.  In 1st to 2nd year individuals, the primary coverts and alula are a dull bluish-green.
  2. Sexing great tits:  In males, the black stripe down the underparts is glossy and widening to a large patch between the legs. coque iphone 6  In females, the black stripe is dull grey-black, quite narrow and sometimes broken.
  3. Ageing coal tits:  In adults, the greater coverts are moulted and dark grey edged blue-grey. coque iphone 7  In 1st years, the greater coverts are rather pale grey and edged bluish-grey.
  4. Ageing long-tailed tits:  Juveniles have a more brown mantle and back than adults. coque iphone pas cher  1st winter birds have the same plumage as adults.
  5. Ageing robins:  The inside of the upper mandible is dark or medium grey in adults.  In 1st years, the upper mandible is yellow to yellowish grey-white.
  6. Ageing chaffinches:  In adult males, the alula and primary coverts are nearly as black as the greater coverts. coque iphone 2019 pas cher  In 1st to 2nd year birds, the greater coverts are un-moulted and slightly greyer than the inner greater coverts.  Also, adults’ tail feathers are rather obtuse at the tip whereas in younger birds it is more pointed.
  7. Ageing bramblings:  In adult males, the lesser coverts are golden yellow tinged rust-brown.