My name is Rowan Wakefield, I am 13 and really interested in wildlife (of any sort)! I live in the Peak District.

Currently, my main interests are birding, bird ringing, moth trapping, nature photography and survey work.

I try to get out birdwatching as much as possible but school limits this!  


I am a trainee bird ringer with Sorby Breck Ringing Group, one of the most of active groups in the country. I have been training now for nearly two years and have had the opportunity to ring lots of great species. My favourite probably Barn and Little Owls in nest boxes! I am working on setting up next boxes for ringing in a local woodland and will hopefully be ringing the Blue and Great Tit chicks in them this next year.


I use a portable Skinner 20w Actinic Moth Trap, which I set up in my garden at least once a week for recording purposes. Once identified and recorded the moths are released unharmed back into the garden. This is my first year of moth trapping and I’ve recorded lots of species so far, the best being a migrant called a Vestal (pictured) which is the 4th Derbyshire record! I also take the trap away with me to see what different species I can trap. See totals in the moth trapping section on my website.



I use a Nikon COOLPIX P900 for nature photography

I do survey work for the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). I submit records for Bird Track, Garden Wildlife Health and the Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS).  

I hope you enjoy my website and I will try to update the blog regularly!